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Colorado's best source to find fun people and fun activities...
Colorado's best source to raise money and save money...
Colorado's best value to network you business...

Discounts on Local Goods and Services
Fun Pass members get exclusive deals and coupons, not offered to the
general public. Members can save 1,000’s of dollars on local contractors,
restaurants and professional services to help support our local economy.

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Merchants button for a list of all of our merchants.

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Raising Money
Athletic teams, local charities, churches, local musicians, schools and
even individuals are always looking for effective ways to raise money.  
Our Fun Pass memberships can be offered to donors to increase
donations, used in a variety of fund raising projects or sold to individuals
or businesses. Your organization can net up to 99% of all the proceeds!  
Compare that with other types of fund raisers and the choice is easy.  
Best of all, you are supporting local business at the same time!

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Fundraising button to learn how your group can start
earning money today!

Local Businesses
Harness the power of good feelings that come from social gatherings.
Hosting or participating in events increases your revenues now and helps
grow your business in the long term. Get involved to help your business:

·        Add value for your current customers

·        Introduce yourself and your business to new people

·        Make extra revenue while having fun.

·        Launch a campaign using our website, our Facebook page,
our social and networking groups or by sponsoring our newsletter.  

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Business button to learn more about getting help for
your business.

Networking and Social Groups
You may know hundreds of people and still not know the right people to
fill a professional need.  Or maybe you work all the time, but you would
like to go out and have fun while meeting new people. We host many
groups and events.  We bring people to new places, do many activities
and support our local businesses. Most importantly, people having fun  
can make lasting connections for personal and business.

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Groups button to browse our groups.
Then choose the type of group you are seeking.

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Calendar button to find many of our events.
Choose between Social, Professional and Happy Hours.

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