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Colorado's best source to find fun people and fun activities...
Colorado's best source to raise money and save money...
Colorado's best value to network you business...

We host many different groups including social , personal networking,
business networking, singles, community groups and many, many
more.  We also host, advertise or coordinate many of their events and
activities.  Click on networking, activities or the community buttons to
your left to find out more about groups we work with or activities we
have scheduled.

We have a wide variety of ways to help you and your group raise
money as well as helping Coloradoans save lots of money too.  Our
most dynamic tool is the Denver Fun Pass, a card that increases
donations by 40%, helps raise thousands of dollars with very little effort,
saves Coloradoans hundreds of dollars each year and helps our local
business network to more customers.  We also do fund raising events,
event planning and provide a self help page to raising money in
Colorado.  Get started by clicking on either the fundraising or funpass
buttons. Save money by using the discounts or vendors buttons and
start using your funpass today.

We actively seek local businesses to help increase their visibility in the
community.  We set up networking opportunities, increase visitors to
their business and invite local businesses to participate in community
events and activities.  You can find more information and other ways we
help local businesses by clicking on our business button.  
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